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There is no reason to stay at home alone.Come to our friendly functions and meet people in a similar situation, have a chat, get to know people and make new friends.


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Acting Employment Minister Kate Ellis says there is evidence that since the change began in January, thousands of parents are working more.

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Come in and join our discussions on Single Parent issues.
Let us know what you do, how you cope day by day and any general issues you may have.

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Currently you can only join VICTORIA PWP on-line


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Congratulations! You have taken the first step towards meeting and making new friends.
Membership is open to all parents who are separated, widowed, or divorced or who have never been married. Custody is not a determining factor.
Parents Without Partners is a non-sectarian, self-help, non-profit welfare and educational Organisation devoted to the readjustment and interests of the lone parent and their children.
Parents Without Partners is a 'one parent' body that caters for parents, both male and female, and provides programs to keep parents and children together, where the junior members are by no means the less important.
PWP can be a stepping stone from which we can learn to reconstruct our lives. We learn how to be alone without being lonely.
Parents Without Partners is not a dating bureau, a marriage market or a lonely hearts club. It is never called a club, nor does it exist for the sole purpose of providing a meeting place for members of the opposite sex. It is not Parents Wanting Partners and you are not guaranteed a partner in return for your fees.

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Parents Without Partners Family Activities provide an environment  for single parents and their children to interact with each other.
Members and their children frequently enjoy ten pin bowling, ball games, group trips to museums, the beach, camping weekends, picnics, movies, the zoo, swimming and many other activities together.

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